National protest

2014 Budget:
The Rich Must Pay
Their Fair Share

April 3rd 2PM | Berri Square | Facebook

Austerity is useless and dangerous.

To compensate for the weakcontribution of corporations and the rich...

Tax distribution



Evolution of corporate tax rates


... It cuts and charges everywhere ...

However, there are alternatives:

Restoring 10 tax brackets



Income is taxed according to a bracket-based system: lower slices are less taxed, while higher ones are more strongly taxed. The more levels there are, the more equitable is the tax burden distribution.

There are currently only 4 tax brackets in Quebec. Therefore, a 1 million dollar income is taxed at the same rate as a $101,000 one. In the 1980s, there were 16. By returning to 10 tax brackets, the government would gain about 1 billion dollars annually in additional income to invest in public services.

On top of that, for 87% of taxpayers, particularly the poor and the middle class, this would actually mean paying lower taxes. And for the richest 13%, this would mean an increase of only 1.5%.

This year, we will not tolerate
another austerity budget on behalf of the PQ.

On thursday April 3rd, we will take the streets
to defend our public services.

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